Tempe Police: Man squats at apartment

Tempe Police reported the following incidents Tuesday:

  • A 26-year-old Tempe man was arrested Jan. 23 on the 1200 block of East Lemon Street on suspicion of first degree criminal trespassing, according to a police report.Police contacted the man after receiving reports that he had been squatting at another man's apartment without his consent, police said.After an associate of the owner warned the man to leave the premises a few days before, police were called to remove him, the report said.

    The man was transported and booked into Tempe City Jail.

  • A 20-year-old Tucson woman was arrested Feb. 1 on the 900 block of East University Drive on suspicion of marijuana and narcotics possession, according to a police report.Police contacted the woman during a routine traffic stop, during which officers discovered that the woman possessed drugs, police said.Police noticed a jar in the center console and asked to inspect it, according to the report.

    Officers found that the jar contained marijuana and that the woman was not in possession of a medical marijuana card, the report said.

    The woman later pulled out a clear bag containing a white substance, which was identified as cocaine by police after a flash test at the scene, police said.

    The woman was transported to Tempe City Jail, where she was booked, according to the report.

Reports compiled by Adam Halleck

Reach the reporter at ahalleck@asu.edu or follow him on Twitter @adam_halleck

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