Thoughts on J.K. Rowling's Change of Heart

Graphic by Noemi Gonzalez. Graphic by Noemi Gonzalez.

About a week ago, J.K. Rowling, the author of the "Harry Potter" series, admitted that Harry should have married Hermione. From the moment the story broke, the Harry Potter fandom erupted in debate. Did Hermione belong with Harry or Ron?


Rowling stated that she began her creative process with Hermione and Ron being together, and married. I remember one of my closest friends in middle school (the pre-"Romione" days) reading and writing fanfiction about this pairing, hoping it would come true.



There were others, however, who believed that Harry and Hermione belonged together. The main protagonist and hero, coupled with the brains and spunk of the operation. How could that be wrong?

Generally, when I read, I attempt to keep an open mind about pairings as I go from book to book. This is especially relevant with series that last longer than three or four books. Characters and circumstances can change. I don't know how many times an author has killed off a character that I thought would make it to the end, and fall in love with the main protagonist, and live happily ever after. Thanks authors, thank you very much.

I read Harry Potter at a very young age, where an open mind only covered a very minor scope.

My friends expect me to join camp Romione or camp Harmony. In reality, while I like the idea of Romione together, I choose neither. When I first read the series in elementary school, I believed that each character had their own purpose in the story, separate from each other. I did not acknowledge that their fates, and their souls, were so deeply intertwined.

Honestly, I thought Hermione was going to die, perhaps in the chess tournament. Either that, or she was going to become a much too powerful witch to ever dream of sticking around Ron and Harry. She would be a witch who did not need anyone else to complete her, but spent time changing the world with magic. Traveling constantly, perhaps with a small pet.


But, I was mistaken (as Rowling wrote in her books). Their friendship withstood the darkest of magical evils, time after time. They were able to unite, even after fights that threatened their connection. If Harry, Ron and Hermione can love each other like that, can't we (Potterheads) all do so as well?

Whether you're team Harry, Ron, Neville or no one in particular, I think the greatest thing to remember is that the books were a story of love. It was not simply romantic love, but a story of love for family and friends, living or passed.

This doesn't necessarily mean I don't want to hear which side you're on. Let me know at or on Twitter @marie_eo!


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