Winter Olympics are intermission to Summer Games

kwitThe time is upon us again. Yes, the time when nations come together, athletes from across the world compete, and people pretend to care about sports they never watch. That’s right, it’s the Olympics.

I will never downplay what is probably the greatest sporting event we have on this planet, but I often feel like the Winter Olympics is just an intermission to the Summer Games. I could be old fashioned, but I just don’t feel the same vigor when the athletes take to the snow.

I want head-to-head competition and the knowledge that when an event is over, the athlete with the gold medal is the best. The emphasis in performance sports in the Winter Games takes away from the competitive spirit.

Launching a snowboarder into the air is exciting, but scores are based around judges, and some could think one was objectively better than another. I like definitive ends in sports — I’m someone that hates tie games, and that certainty can be softened with the opinions of the judges.


Maybe I’m just biased because I’ve lived in a desert for 15 years and still believe this “snow” thing is made up, but I don’t think I’ll ever rush to the TV to see a Shaun White jump like I did for a Michael Phelps swim.

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