Sexy Jesus: Another story or a real representation?

Holy God. Literally, Holy God. Maybe it's just me, but have you ever thought about how sexy Jesus is?

weerasinghe_sexyjesusLook at your typical picture of Jesus. Better yet, watch any movie featuring Jesus as the main character. According to ABC News, you'll have a good chance at doing just that this year. "Son of God," "Noah," "Exodus" and "Mary, Mother of Christ" are all slated to come out this year.

Those six-pack abs, that scruffy beard, that tan skin and — even better — that model-esque face.



Society has become so obsessed with looks that we had to make Jesus sexy. Granted, we don’t know what Jesus looked like. We can only imagine because of the places he went in his life until the very end.

But every movie portrayal always assumes Jesus is super attractive. Jesus is always a tall white male with uncanny Calvin Klein model looks.

It’s as if the media wants me to be attracted to Jesus. I don’t want to be. Here we have the son of God, and people still want me to be attracted to him.

Is it disrespectful to have a sexy Jesus, or is it just plain stereotypical Hollywood to have a good-looking God?

Does being good-looking make Jesus less Godly? Or does it make him more almighty?

You can say having Jesus be so attractive is distracting from the real message. I highly doubt Jesus’ real mission was to be that good-looking for a movie.

Having a good-looking Jesus is just another way to for people to find him more acceptable. Imagine if we had an unattractive God to whom we could look up?

When we think about the devil, we don't think he's tempting. We usually see him on screen as terrifying. Has the devil ever been attractive in a serious depiction of religion? By making the devil unattractive, the media has a good shot at perpetuating the old ideas of good and evil.

Maybe the reason for this is that if he was good-looking, people would pay more attention to his lessons in life.

Jesus should be sexy in his representations in the media, even if that means letting a white man play a Middle Eastern man’s role.

In most movies, Jesus could be mistaken as a model if you mute the source and just look at his features. To this day, there has yet to be a darker, frail man playing Jesus.

Even during his time of death, Jesus in most artistic pictures looks ripped and impossibly manly.

We have been obsessed with looks as far back as the classic paintings, and now it’s affecting our view of the son of God.

It would be truly tragic if there was ever proof that Jesus was ugly because none of these movie sources would be valid.

There would be a huge difference in his following I believe. Looks play a huge part in success and Jesus? He’s the ultimate successor.

Jesus may be the son of God, but one thing is for sure — either society is obsessed with looks or God was selfish enough to make his son the epitome of sex appeal.

While Jesus may have actually looked like the modern-day Jared Leto, he continues to be strikingly beautiful.


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