Social networking app Visionthenight launches at ASU

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Visionthenight, a new social networking app, is hitting the market and ASU students will be the first to test it. The app aims to make connecting with friends and mutually attracted students more convenient than ever.

The app was made available Monday.

Daniel Mazzon, CEO of Visionthenight, said he wanted to improve the way people interact when they go out. With the app, Mazzon strives to revolutionize the nightlife industry.



“I feel like there are a lot of flaws in the nightlife industry, and I felt like I could change the social aspects to really improve how people go out and why they go out,” he said.

Visionthenight, which also has a dating dimension, gives students the opportunity to share their nightlife whereabouts with friends and the opposite sex.

“Everyone that is single on the Visionthenight application gets put into a photo album, letting the opposite sex vote if they are attractive or not,” Mazzon said.

Once a mutual attraction is established, both students are notified of what bar or club the other will be attending. Mazzon said Visionthenight is a more practical app than other social networking sites such as Tinder.

“You are actually meeting in real life, rather than conversations in an online world,” he said.

Visionthenight gives students the option of choosing which place to go based on the number of mutual attractions at any given location.

Mazzon said he chose ASU because of its surroundings and said it has an excellent nightlife atmosphere. The application targets both Tempe nightlife and Old Town Scottsdale.

Visionthenight also has an optional text message feature.

“If you provide your phone number in the edit profile section, now you can text your friends after you see where they’re going,” he said.

Political science and economics major Christopher Kitter has a profile on Visionthenight. He said he likes that users can check into virtually any bar in Tempe. Kitter also likes that the app brings life to social media.

“I like how it takes social media into an actual action kind of a feel, you’re actually getting something out of it," he said. "Instead of, you know, Twitter where you’re just telling people what you feel, (with Visionthenight) you can check into bars. It’s more of an actual interaction instead of putting something on the internet and letting other people see it.”

Kitter uses the app to stay connected with friends.

“I definitely use it when I go out with my friends, (to) see where everybody is at,” he said.

Kitter only uses Visionthenight to stay connected with friends but he said he believes there is room for other uses of the app.

“I could see how it could be used as a way to, you know, become a dating application, but I think it has many facets you could use it for,” he said.

Sustainability junior Trent Peterson uses the app to plan out his night. Peterson made a connection with another student using Visionthenight.

“My girlfriend I have now, we met on the app actually,” he said.

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