Tempe Police: Man threatens to 'draw first blood' after neighbors call police on him

Tempe Police reported the following incidents Monday:

  • A 51-year-old man was arrested Feb. 24 on the 1500 block of East Apache Boulevard on suspicion of threatening or intimidating, according to a police report.Officers responded to an emergency call on Feb. 22 regarding loud noises and screaming at the man's apartment, police said.



    When police arrived, the man refused to cooperate and continued to scream he was going to “draw first blood,” according to the report.

    After officers left his apartment, the neighbors who had alerted police about the screaming saw the man throw objects off his balcony, the report said.

    Officers returned to the scene for the second time that night and found two shoes below his balcony, police reported.

    The man was standing on his balcony screaming at passers-by, according to the report.

    After officers left for the second time, the man started threatening the three neighbors who called police, the report said.

    One of the neighbors called police the next day and said she could not leave her apartment except to go to work, because the man had threatened to kill her, according to the report.

    The victim told officers the man had called her a “f—king Arab” and told her to “go back to her country,” police said.

    The victim said she did not know what the man would do to her because he is a drug user and is very unpredictable, according to the report.

    The victim also said the man waits by her door every morning so she had to leave for work two hours earlier than usual, police said.

    After officers learned about the threats, they contacted the other two neighbors, who said the man had told them he would “gut them with a knife,” the report said.

    Police tried to contact the man several times outside his apartment before Feb. 24, when officers received a different call regarding a family fight, according to the report.

    The report said there were approximately 23 calls for service at the man’s residence since Jan. 29.

    The man was transported to Tempe City Jail, where he was booked, according to the report.

  • A 57-year-old woman was arrested Feb. 26 on the 1000 block of North College Avenue on suspicion of theft of means of transportation and possession of dangerous drugs, according to a police report.Officers contacted the woman after seeing a stolen Honda Accord in a parking lot, police reported.

    A records check of the car revealed it was stolen in Scottsdale, the report said.

    Police found the woman sitting in a nearby park bench, where she was detained and read her Miranda Rights, according to the report.

    The woman told police she had been using the car since 2006 and did not know it was reported stolen, the report said.

    A search of her person revealed a baggie containing a white crystal substance recognized as methamphetamine in her left front pocket, police said.

    The woman was transported to Tempe City Jail, where she was booked and held to see a judge, according to the report.


Reports compiled by Dulce Paloma Baltazar Pedraza

Reach the news editor at dpbaltaz@asu.edu or follow her on Twitter @dpalomabp

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