EDITORIAL: The good, the bad and the ugly: What we want in a student government president

On April 1 and 2, ASU will choose its next five student government presidents. There are many candidates running, and we like some platform ideas. On the same thread, we dislike many of the proposals that candidates make. To top it off, this election season, like many others, have some weird kinks that must be worked out.

What we like Both the Kramer ticket Downtown and the Parra ticket in Tempe have the idea to improve the OrgSync system. Nicolas Parra proposes an Apple Genius-like program called ASU Genius to connect students with clubs, while Alexis Kramer-Ainza wants a similar program, called PitchFinder. The Possehl ticket in Tempe wants to coordinate more heavily with the city of Tempe by "establishing good relations with the city of Tempe and working on behalf of student interest to avoid establishment of unfair laws and regulations." Syllabi access, proposed by the McCaleb ticket, would help students get a better grasp of what exactly ASU offers in terms of classes and coordinating schedules and the buying of books.


  What we dislike

The proposal by the Smith ticket for USG Downtown to create a scholarship by selling T-shirts is downright ridiculous. While scholarships are a noble endeavor, it makes no sense for USGD to be in the apparel business. In Tempe and Downtown Phoenix, there are proposals to somehow integrate ASU with Superbowl XLIX. Both the Parra ticket and the Kramer ticket want to involve ASU with the Superbowl, and we can't exactly figure out what that coordination would do for ASU students. The Possehl ticket seeks to make the Tempe campus a little bit "wetter" by making football game days more lenient on dry campus enforcement. This will "enhance" the "spirit, pride and tradition on the ASU Tempe campus." Good luck convincing ASU President Michael Crow.

The Parra ticket wants Greek life reinstated on the Tempe campus. Parra is involved in Delta Sigma Phi, and, while an admirable push to return to the days of Alpha Drive, the plan ignores the insane amount of insurance ASU would have to pay and University's efforts to include more Greek life in Vista del Sol on campus. Just bad ideas

At the West campus, there's apparently a candidate running, and where there are supposed to be three names for the ticket, the names are "RusoL," "yosor" and "HASSAM SHIEKH." USG West should figure this out before voting begins on April 1. USG Polytechnic has an uncontested race with the only people running on the Olkes ticket. It has no website listed or Facebook, leading us to believe he is only running on the fact that he is unopposed and is the current senate president. Contrast that with the GPSA presidential ticket, led by German Cadenas, running unopposed but with a campaign in full swing. We salute his straightforward campaign for GPSA President in light of his unopposed ticket.

This election season, we were disappointed in the fact that almost every candidate proposed ideas that reminded us of a middle school campaign wanting to buy pizza for everyone at lunch. On top of that, every candidate proposed transparency, but no one really had a plan to do more than what USG's bylaws already require.

Students, this election is in your hands now. Please vote on April 1 and 2 for the candidate that will best represent you. At this point in the process, send a message with your vote that you must be heard and what you have to say counts. Keep these tickets accountable.

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