Dear and the Headlights

2012 Best (Worst) Musical Breakup 2012 Best (Worst) Musical Breakup

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Based in Phoenix, Dear and the Headlights sounded like southern comfort in the desolate desert – with shaky vocals delivering intellectual and emotive lyrics, at times wildly energetic and others sleepy and solemn, it was a moment of perfect folk rock. After dominating the local scene with their 2007 EP “Small Steps, Heavy Hooves,” DATH played a self-proclaimed 700-something shows, among them Coachella and Warped Tour. 2008’s Drunk Like Bible Times is one of the best albums to come out of Arizona in recent memory. But alas, nothing beautiful can last: after a period of inactivity, the band released a note last July that they were officially broken up. Within the letter, lead guitarist P.J. Waxman mused: “How do you create music about your life when your life is all about creating music?” We wish we knew, P.J., we wish we knew.

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