Letter: To the constituents of Undergraduate Student Government Downtown

Dear Downtown campus students,

Let me begin by saying this: I understand if you aren’t interested in student government. Sometimes, when it’s 6 p.m. on a Friday and I’m still in the senate office, I’m not interested in student government either. But this is important.

On Friday, Alexis Kramer held a town hall at Jobot Coffee on 5th Street so students could discuss the upcoming election and support local businesses at the same time. She’s inclusive — something President Crow’s New American University model emphasizes heavily. On March 25, she hosted the Honoring Empowered (Women) Reception Women in Leadership event downtown to empower female students downtown to impact their communities and share their ideas. She also supports the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association, the first student chapter in the U.S.



She connects beyond the borders of the ASU Downtown Phoenix Campus, working with local groups like Local First Arizona to discuss community service opportunities for students. She’s also focusing on the way Super Bowl XLIX can act as an outlet for showing ASU spirit, pride and tradition. Importantly, Kramer hopes to raise awareness of the sex trafficking that often accompanies events like the Super Bowl, and that recognition can act as a preventative measure.

Kramer has shown true initiative and dedication, starting the Walter Cronkite College Council with ex-senator Erika Tuerr. A string of resignations late this winter left USGD shaky and tumultuous, but Kramer has helped to facilitate discussion, event planning, and creative solutions in senate meetings and outside the office.

She wants students to engage in student government. I don’t blame her. It’s a lot of pressure, as senators, to do what’s right for a constituency that holds no interest until we make a mistake.

So please, vote for Alexis Kramer, Ryan Boyd and Windsor Smith. If I haven’t convinced you, if you have questions, approach one of them on Taylor Mall — that’s why they’re there. Or email me at hjhayes@asu.edu. I’m not afraid to defend my statements if you have questions, or bring up concerns you may have about student government. It’s what I’m here for.

Hattie Jean Hayes

Senator, Barrett, the Honors College


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