The power in empowering others


Graphic by Noemi Gonzalez. Graphic by Noemi Gonzalez.

Have you ever seen one of your friends break down in tears because they failed at something, or they got their heartbroken? It’s a terrible feeling. If there is anything that I hate in this world, it’s seeing someone I care about feel defeated.

I have talked about positivity and personal autonomy, but there is something amazing about giving others strength. Empowerment is a word we see often nowadays. Instead of casting people down, our society is starting a movement towards uplifting others.

It’s a beautiful sight to see.



Have you ever given a friend a pep talk? Been someone’s cheerleader at an event? Supported someone staunchly even though they were terrified? Those are all prime examples of empowerment.

The great thing is that you’re helping someone else achieve their goals, but you are also making yourself feel good. People like to act as though they don’t have the time to support a friend at an extraneous event, but have you ever thought about how good it makes you feel when you do so?

I make excuses to get out of things because I feel like my time could be better spent and it turns out okay 50 percent of the time. Usually, I end up procrastinating and then being rushed anyway. When I do take the time to go support someone else, I’m actually happier and more productive afterwards.

It’s that good-deed high. Sounds selfish to help someone else to make yourself feel better, but being a little selfish isn’t a bad thing. You’re doing this to show compassion and kindness — those are two traits that would make anyone feel better about themselves. Empowerment is an extraordinary new trend, but I hope that it stays around forever.

How can you empower others in your daily life?

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