Boos & Bravos: May 30

Boo to the "Batman v. Superman" logo. The movie's logo is a terrible combination of the two iconic logos that looks like it was made by a Photoshop novice.

Bravo to the New York Daily Post's coverage of the Kimye wedding. In a stroke of journalistic genius, the Post described the event as "Two jackasses got married..." Beautiful, just beautiful.

Boo to media outlets like the New York Post for focusing attention on the woman whom the shooter at the University of California Santa Barbara named in his 137-page manifesto as starting his hatred of women. The Post featured the woman's picture on its cover and included pictures of her in a bikini alongside quotes about how her childhood rejection "lit the fuse that turned him into a murderous madman." Last we heard, this woman wasn't the one pulling the trigger, and she doesn't need to be blamed.



Bravo to ASU baseball for making the postseason after what looked like a doomed season midway through the year. ASU won nine of its last 10 regular season games and was named a No. 2 seed in the Cal Poly Regional. The Sun Devils will play Pepperdine in San Luis Obispo on May 30.

Boo to the start of wildfire season in Arizona, with the Slide Fire scorching 18,500 acres of land in Flagstaff as of Tuesday, according to the Incident Information System. Fortunately, officials have made recent progress, and the fire is about 35 percent contained. The cause of the fire, which started May 20, is believed to be human-related and is being investigated.

Bravo to Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio for his decision to not run for governor. Arpaio, who is in his sixth term as sheriff, said he could not run for governor because of several ongoing investigations and challenges he is currently facing in office. Arpaio still plans on running for re-election for sheriff in 2016, but that’s no surprise to anyone.

Boo to Linkin Park for allegedly calling the cops on the band they were sharing the stage with for smoking marijuana backstage. Linkin Park and Sublime With Rome were in Tucson for KFMA Day 2014 when Rome Ramirez of Sublime With Rome tweeted that Linkin Park said they were allergic to pot and that they had authorities take it away.

Bravo to the innovative concept of solar roadways reaching its goal of $1 million on Electrical engineer Scott Brusaw and his wife Julie invented hexagonal solar panels on which you can drive, park, and walk. It's estimated that if every road in the U.S. were converted to solar roadways, the country would generate three times as much energy as it currently uses.

Boo to Starbucks announcing plans to open a restaurant selling hamburgers alongside its bakery items. You had one job, Starbucks, one job.

Bravo to this amazing video of Morgan Freeman speaking while inhaling helium. It combines two of everyone's favorite things: Freeman's narration prowess and the hilarious effect of the noble gas.

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