$100 summer charge to use SRC not exclusive to non-summer school students

A positive aspect to moving into an apartment near campus during summer is the expectation of the accessible gym in the SRC building at ASU. If you are not taking summer classes, this is not the case.

If one does not take summer courses, a $100 fee is assessed.

This comes down to fairness for students who are taking summer classes, SRC director Tamra Garstka said.

“You have the original SRC fee, which is $25, and then you have the student services and facility fee... to build facilities on all three other locations and to expand our facility,” she said.

The latter is a $75 dollar fee, which was voted on by ASU students in 2011.

Students are charged these fees as part of tuition every semester they are enrolled in classes at ASU. It is not a one-time fee; therefore, Tempe summer dwellers would be receiving the service for free.

“If you are attending class, you pay the fee,” Garstka said. “If you’re not enrolled, (you have) the option of paying that $100, which is the add-on.”

All SRC members pay the same $100 total to use the facility.

“The reason we don’t give it for free is because it wouldn’t be fair for the summer students who are paying,” Garstka said.

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