Boos & Bravos: June 11

Boo to Yankees fan Andrew Rector suing the Yankees, the MLB and ESPN for defamation after video footage of him sleeping was aired on television and posted on The suit is not only ridiculous, it’s embarrassing — far more embarrassing than getting caught snoozing at a baseball game.

Bravo to J.K. Rowling releasing a 1,500-word piece about an adult Harry Potter and his friends from Hogwarts attending the 2014 Quidditch World Cup. This is the first Rowling has written of the characters since the final book of the series was published seven years ago.

Boo to lack of common sense. According to police, ASU professor Ersula Ore was arrested in May for jaywalking and following an argument with the ASU campus policeman, kicked him in the shin. The officer responded by slamming her to the ground. Ore has been charged with aggravated assault and the officer was put on leave.

Bravo to the construction of the Arizona Center for Law and Society in downtown Phoenix, which began Monday. The new law building will be located across the street from Taylor Place, bordered by 1st, 2nd Street, Polk and Taylor Streets. Construction for the six-story building is slated to be complete by the fall 2016 semester.

Boo to a float at the Chicago Pride Parade that glorified liposuction. The float, sponsored by a suburban clinic, encouraged viewers to "say no to man boobs" and featured children carrying signs that read "we will suck your fat." Obesity isn't healthy, but neither is the disproportionately high percentage of gay men with eating disorders, and messages like that don't help.

Bravo to Arizona for again having one of the highest percentages of female elected representatives in the country. The state's four female governors are the most of any state, and with women making up 34 percent of the Arizona Legislature, it only trails Vermont and Colorado.

Boo to Lebron James and the NBA for clogging sports news with trivial rumors and speculation. Is James heading to Miami? Cleveland? Phoenix? Houston? Does anyone really care anymore?

Bravo to the Diamondbacks' Paul Goldschmidt, starting 1st baseman for the National League All Star Team. He joins an impressive starting lineup that include 2013 NL MVP Andrew McCutchen and Cardinal Yadier Molina, arguably one of the best catchers of all time.

Boo to bad fans at the World Cup. Whether they're pretending to be disabled to get better seats or creating creepy fake masks in Neymar's likeness, we've had enough.

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