State Press alumni remember print: Chris Drexel

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While I wasn't the most talented journalist to ever work at The State Press, few of its employees put as much time and effort into that publication as myself.

For me, State Press was college.

If there were records for most total bylines in the publication and most amount of nights awake until 5 a.m. working on stories when I should have been studying, I'm sure I'd hold those records.

I spent a total of 11 semesters working at The State Press. I was a news reporter, a city editor and a summer editor-in-chief. I was the football beat writer for three seasons and covered 38 consecutive Sun Devil football games (home and away) while visiting every stadium in the Pac-10 on behalf of The State Press. I was sports editor for four semesters and was fortunate to hire some writers that are working professionally today.

All that time spent makes saying goodbye to the print edition difficult. But it seemed inevitable when the daily paper became a weekly a few years ago. It seems what was left of the advertisers and print readers vanished along with the daily edition many of us worked so hard on. No matter how much fabulous digital content the students pump out, I feel there should have always been a place for a printed daily edition to put in your backpack and read during class! RIP State Press (print edition). You'll be forever missed.

Chris Drexel 2001-2007

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