State Press alumni remember print: Newlin Tillotson

SugarBaby-slider-wordsI may be biased, but my favorite print cover of The State Press was Sugar Babies. One night I was sitting at my desk, minding my own business when our then editor-in-chief, Caitlin Cruz, called me over to look at my nails. Though slightly confused, I showed her them and she asked me to paint them red for a photo we needed the next day. Sure enough, the next day I was posing for the cover of Sugar Babies with some red lipstick, hot red nails and $2,000 cash in my hands. I believe we got the money from our investigative reporter's student loan check. The shoot also required some slightly awkward modeling poses with our sports editor, Edmund Hubbard. It was a really fun cover to put together and it was an odd but memorable experience to see my face on the front of every news box on campus for a week.

Newlin Tillotson
Reporter 2011-12
A&E Editor Spring 2013
SPM Editor-in-Chief 2013-14

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