State Press alumni remember print: Vickie Chachere

Jex Malone dedicationTom Blodgett let us know about the last printed issue. (Above) is a photo from the acknowledgements section of a new fiction book, "Jex Malone," that I wrote with my best friend and former State Press colleague Cindy Pearlman (1984-87). As you can see, State Press was our true home at ASU. Real, lifelong friendships came from that experience and it will hold a special place in our hearts forever.

I have a million great memories from State Press, including a $1 bill from my first paycheck there. It was the first money I'd earned as a writer — and thankfully not the last. I've always felt privileged to earn my living as a writer and I owe so much to State Press. Best wishes to the whole crew — you have us cheering for you!

Vickie Chachere


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