The State Press is going all-digital. Here's why

Almost a year and a half ago, we reminded you, the reader, that we are “big fans of change.”

Fortunately for us, a lot has changed at this news organization. Since our switch from a daily to a weekly print product, we’ve been there for the highs and lows of sports seasons past. We brought you in-depth coverage as our student governments approved a mandatory $150-per-year fee funding athletics, and we shared the stories of students dissatisfied with the University's investigations into student-professor relationships.

We brought you restaurant, album, video game and movie reviews, and we shared our opinions.

At The State Press, we want to give you endless access to information about what’s going on around you. But starting in August, you won’t get ink-smudged fingers while you’re doing it.

No longer will your dorm room door be lovingly decorated with the most recent issue of The State Press. You won’t even need to leave your room, your bed or your four-day Netflix binge, for that matter, to access the articles we write for you. With a couple swipes on your cell phone or a click on your laptop, you’ll have all things ASU-related at your fingertips. To put it shortly: We’re going all digital, and we’re ready.

And, dear reader, by no means does this mean we’re disappearing from your life into an abyss of Internet cats and Buzzfeed quizzes. We’ll continue to bring you the most thorough coverage of ASU news and sports, local arts and provocative opinions.

In the past, our multimedia department has given you a taste of documentary-style reporting with short video pieces occasionally accompanied by written articles. Our new newsroom will devote itself to telling every story in the best way possible, connecting our multimedia content with our written pieces.  Look forward to continued diversity in storytelling, whether our pieces are coming to you in words, in frames or in infographics.

We'll still bring you the same longform feature stories we've developed over the past year, but we'll supplement this word-based storytelling with more photos, graphics and video to give each story the justice it deserves.

And when news is happening, you'll know about it as soon as we do. We'll keep you updated on everything happening on campus in real time, whether it's another water main break or an upset on the football field.

Let us keep you in the loop – follow us on Twitter and like us onFacebook. See updates from our photo staff on Instagram and Tumblr. Send us your big and little questions, thoughts and jokes at, because we love to hear from you.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from working in a basement for inordinate amounts of time and battling a persistent super race of mosquitoes that seems to plague our offices, it’s that all of our work is meaningless without a community to give it to.

At the end of the day, you, the reader, are worth all of the late nights that turn into early mornings.

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