A "tow" in the door

My best friend Olivia loves to remind me of the time I made her multi-flavored cookies with the leftover cookie dough that we had from our middle school fundraiser. Whenever I suggest that I can make dinner or ask if we can bake a late night snack she never fails to say, “Like the time you made me eat a burnt peanut butter, chocolate chip, sugar cookie creation and I felt like throwing up?”[caption caption="The cookie creation hater, Olivia Guzman" align="aligncenter" id="attachment_147158" width="400"]923119_4177348010456_1715176338_n.jpg[/caption]

It was Olivia that sarcastically suggested that maybe I should add attempting to bake something edible to my bucket list. In an effort to prove her wrong, I made double chocolate chip brownies (the boxed kind, for the less advanced baker) and actually took the time to measure out the correct amount of ingredients. I thought the brownies turned out fantastic and when Olivia reminded me that I assured her of the quality of the disastrous cookie creation too, I took my delicious brownies over to my friends' house to make them the official taste testers.

While there were many comments about my less than pleasing appearance of the squished lump that were my brownies, the entire plate was gone in less than five minutes. I would say I definitely deserve a check mark for making an edible desert.

[caption caption="Austin and Trent with their empty plate of brownie goodness" align="aligncenter" id="attachment_147159" width="300"]photo.JPG[/caption]

On our way back to my apartment I was attempting to brainstorm what else I could accomplish this week off my bucket list, seeing as baking isn’t super exciting. When Olivia and I were waiting for the light, a couple approached us asking for money to eat dinner. It then occurred to me that one of the items on my bucket list was to buy a complete stranger dinner and get to know them.

After buying the couple Taco Bell, the woman, who goes by Clara told me the best part about living is the pursuit of finding something bigger than yourself. She wasn’t super talkative and she refused to have her picture taken for my blog but she said that even though she makes mistakes in her life, it doesn’t matter because as long as you have your faith in your heart and a burrito in your hand nothing can be that bad.

As Olivia and I were getting back from my successful check marks off my bucket list, I told her that next week I wanted to accomplish more exhilarating and adventurous goals.

She mused, “ How about getting your car towed?”

I was confused until I looked up to see Olivia’s car getting towed out of The District parking lot. She jokingly asked if I wanted to take a picture for my blog and we rushed to save her car.

[caption caption="Olivia recovering after saving her car from the tow truck" align="aligncenter" id="attachment_147160" width="533"]IMG_8673.jpeg[/caption]

I wanted to get my foot in the door with my blog this week (even though it may be more of a “tow”), by starting with easier check marks first to get a feel for everything. I’m excited to see where my blog takes me and even more excited to start accomplishing more momentous tasks. One drop at a time, until next week!

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