ASU students react to expanded Phoenix parking meter hours

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Downtown Phoenix campus students may have noticed a change in how much they were paying at the parking meters around campus Monday, which was the first day rates would be enforced for five hours longer than usual.

The Phoenix City Council approved an increase in the hours parking meters are active in a meeting earlier this summer. Starting Monday, the meters will be active from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday through Monday and on holidays, when parking used to be free.

In November, the parking meters will switch to a variable system that charges more or less depending on the location and time of day. Rates in some areas could reach $4 per hour rather than the flat rate of $0.50 per hour.

Public service and public policy sophomore Tiffany Mowatt

"Coming from Seattle, it is cheaper (to park) here, but I was kind of looking forward to cheaper parking meter rates. I hadn't even heard about (the increase) yet. Last year, people only came downtown on the weekends or after 5 p.m. Now it would probably be harder to get them to come down here."

Human nutrition junior Arthur Abougou

"First of all, (parking) isn't cheap. I come from a disadvantaged background and I'm currently unemployed... So it's more difficult to balance school and work. Because of my schedule I have to rely on my car. If I could, I would rely on public transportation because it is cheaper and better for the environment."

Social work freshman Abigail Vargas

"I'm struggling with parking right now... I guess with (the increase in parking meter rates) it all comes down to if people can afford it. If they can't, they aren't going to park around here."

Exercise and wellness freshman Darion Leahy

"Parking downtown is hard, even just to find a lot that is open and close to where you are going. If anything, an increase in parking rates are just going to increase light rail or bus use."

Nursing freshman Yaddy Reyes

"(The increases in parking rates) suck. I think they are already so expensive. I had to buy a permit and it cost a lot of money. ... I bet some people won't want to drive downtown, but it will probably increase bus use."

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