Come back, Obama: The world needs you and so do I


williamrouf_8-20President Barack Obama recently returned from his vacation in Martha’s Vineyard to help guide the country through the many unfortunate events that have taken place, both on and off our native soil. The Obama family had planned a lovely two-week vacation, during which I’m sure they wanted nothing more than a little peace and a temporary release from the stress that comes with the job of babysitting all of our government officials and the 300 million or so people who live in the U.S.

Now, in hindsight, we can look back and say, as the Washington Post so elegantly put it, last week was not “a good week to go on vacation.” Along with brilliant observations like this, "Nobama" fans once again began to point out his “inadequacies” and his “inability” to portray himself as a strong leader, highlighting how the President spent his time in the Vineyard.

Luckily, we have the ability to hop onto our smart phones and in less than thirty seconds find statistics that can embarrass the president. ABC News reporter Mary Bruce posted an article titled, “President Obama’s Vacation by The Numbers.” This tiny piece of journalism covers just what Obama did while on vacation, short of the number of times he visited the restroom throughout his stay. Bruce was even kind enough to capitalize every numerical statistic, and then, if you still couldn’t read it, she took the time to put it in bold print. This makes it extremely easy for anyone to hop online and call out the president for doing vacation things, while on vacation.

I think it's great, just grand, that one of the largest national news companies in the nation created such an accessible outlet where one could go to criticize the president. Think of all the ways this can help educate the public on current events. Now that random guy you met at a party, the one who only posts about Obama’s flaws when he’s not inviting you to the next gun rally or to play Candy Crush Saga, can further express his rage because, in between 11 phone conversations with 11 international leaders and two public statements on crises facing the nation, the president had the nerve to play six rounds of golf, on two different courses, with 11 different partners. That’s about 30 hours! Wait until the guys at the gun rally hear about this one! This is news, people! Hard-hitting, in-depth analysis.

When we re-elected Obama two years ago, we knew his administration would be a headless chicken without him. After all, the vice president is just there to look pretty, and his top advisers are, despite their decades of experience and education, the equivalent of lazy preschoolers.

I can't wait for Obama's return again so that everything in the world can go back to the way it was: perfect.

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