Letter: City council candidate Lauren Kuby does much for Tempe

As a long time Tempean and community activist, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lauren Kuby for a number of years on a whole host of different projects. I can honestly say she is the hardest working and most selfless individual I’ve ever known.

Lauren is a very effective leader. Her dedication to the betterment of our city and state is what inspired me and countless others to take action in their communities. She takes the time to get to know everyone she encounters in a personal way, and is willing to give up her time and energy for total strangers who are in need of an advocate.

I think you would be hard pressed to name a single person who has done more for the city of Tempe, and done so as a volunteer in their spare time. Lauren Kuby has done so much for Tempe, I think it’s time Tempe returns the favor and does something for her. Tempe, let’s send Lauren Kuby to the City Council!

Randy Keating Chair, LD26 Democrats

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