New Fired Pie opens, tosses pizza gauntlet downtown

(Photo by Olivia Richard) (Photo by Olivia Richard)

While the recent wave of thin-crust, Neapolitan pizza joints has hit Phoenix pretty hard, one restaurant may put all other wood-burning brick ovens in town to the ultimate test.

Fresh, fast and friendly is the motto of the day at Fired Pie pizzeria, a locally grown franchise that has now given downtown Phoenicians something to rave about. It features 11-inch customizable pizza-pies, and edible creativity is the order of the day.

With an unbelievable variety of choices from gluten-free piecrust to pesto sauce to feta cheese and steak, this assembly-line style pizzeria allows its customers to be the artists of their own culinary canvases.

It flaunts such an edgy environment of urban sophistication that “Buzz Lightyear couldn’t make it better,” as 5-year-old Justin Gorden exclaimed over a mouthful of pizza.

(Photo by Olivia Richard) (Photo by Olivia Richard)

However, possibly the most special aspect of this pizzeria is the emphasis put of fresh top quality ingredients, said Fred Morgan, one of the restaurant's three founders.

“We get all our produce from local vendors," Morgan said. "The meats are specially made with top quality cuts in Chicago, and we make our own dough and sauce fresh each morning."

With its top-notch pizza and comfortable and friendly atmosphere, Fired Pie, located at 201 E. Washington St., is sure to be the new hit on everyone’s pizza pie lists.

Fired Pie owner Rico Cuomo  takes a pizza out of the oven. (Photo by Olivia Richard) Fired Pie owner Rico Cuomo takes a pizza out of the oven. (Photo by Olivia Richard)

The intimacy of the seating arrangements makes it perfect for families, the topping variety suits even the most sophisticated pallet and the affordable prices make this joint the perfect place for broke college students looking for an affordable break from their Top Ramen diet.


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Correction: Due to a reporting error, the location of the new Fired Pie was misstated. The restaurant opened at 201 E. Washington St. in Phoenix, Arizona. 

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