Reset, Reboot, Record: The Present vs. The Future

It’s a problem that exists everywhere. Countless times I have listened to people talk about how their life might be just a little bit better if they did this or they did that. But whats wrong with with being happy right now? Sure, you could build a house with a nicer pool and bigger square footage if you sold the one you have now, but whats wrong with what you have now?

What’s wrong with being happy in the present, and why does it always seem happiness is saved for the future?

I’m not really sure what it is about people, but for some reason the present is never good enough. For instance, I think months, no, years in advance of what my future will be like in order for me to be living a fun and plentiful life. But what I’ve learned recently is that maybe if I spent a little more time in the present, I might see that I can live just as an amazing life as I am hoping to have in the future.

It’s true and most obvious that jumping on a flight to Brazil isn’t in the cards or going out to eat every night, indulging in delicious food just isn’t feasible. However what I have noticed though is listening to the Brazilian station on Pandora makes me feel just as adventurous as if I was relaxing on a beach in Sao Paolo or that looking up recipes to cook amazing Thai and Italian dishes is just as filling as the restaurant meals themselves.

Sure things could always be better, but like my father always says, why fix the things that aren’t broken. So the next time you feel like traveling, just pop in some tunes. The next time you feel like the things could be better, just look around and try to find the things that are actually wrong.

Life lesson #2: The present might be just as worth while as the future will be.


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