The Life of a Server: An Introduction

Everyone goes out to dinner, but not everyone has served at a restaurant

Dining out is usually a luxury for most, reserved for special occasions or simply because you got a little extra money in your paycheck.

You go to your favorite restaurants not just because you love the dishes but also because you love the environment.

And as you sit at your table enjoying your drinks, you might not be thinking about the restaurant’s staff spending their Saturday night giving you an experience that has you coming back every weekend.

Working in restaurants has its ups and downs, and when you’re a server it feels like a roller coaster. There are days that are great and others where you just want to tell a table to get their own food.

It’s just the name of the game. Every shift has a different experience with the most unique customers. Some will have the coolest stories to tell you, and you’ll instantly become best friends with your table.

Others will look at you like you’re interrupting their conversation when you’re just trying to give them their food. Serving is just luck of the draw.

Like any job, sometimes you just don’t want to go into work because you know you’ll have to be running in circles for five hours, and you will constantly remind yourself that it’ll all be worth in when you leave with some money in your pocket.

This blog won’t be just a venting mechanism, but it will serve to educate anyone who hasn’t worked in the business to all the challenges we deal with on a daily basis.

Sometimes just having a table that understands, or attempts to understand, how frustrating it can be when you have a 20 top that are constantly moving around, can make our night.

And for all you lovely servers out there, this blog will be all too relatable.

My name is Yesenia I'm a senior and I have been working in food service going on three years. And despite the complaints and frustrations, I will continue to be a server until I have all the degrees I need because at the end of the day I really love my job.

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