10 crazy Facebook events from listening to Drake to becoming a burrito

People around the world have been getting creative with Facebook's feature for event pages. These outlandish posts promote activities that college students around the country would rather be doing as the end of the semester approaches instead of craning their necks in pain and despair reading books. Hundreds of people have both noted that they are "interested" or "going," each pretending to physically attend. 

In honor of this new Internet craze, here are 10 "events" that I think you'd appreciate planning for this week to take a break from studying for finals. (Again, this is Facebook. Proper punctuation and grammar do not apply.)

Give ur goldfish a bath bc you're procrastinating studying for finals

Dorms and most apartments are not fans of pets, unless of course it's a cute goldfish that will talk back to you and do all sorts of tricks. Just kidding, they're pretty much useless. Make sure to keep those scales clean, but be a good owner and just wash the pebbles that serve as a bed to your loved vertebrate animal. 


Drop out of school to become a cat

Who wouldn't want to nap all day, eat food that doesn't belong to you and get endless tummy rubs? Check this event out and maybe you could channel your inner feline or just watch videos of silly cats for hours. 


Pretend to be adele pretending to be an adele impersonator impersonating herself

Rumor has it that this event is the one to attend. Although no one can truly hit the high note like Adele can, grab that hair brush or comb, and scream "Hello" at the top of your lungs. This will in turn help you feel more awake and ready to finish that 10-page final paper. 


Drop out of school and turn into JOHN CENA

Stress that inevitably will hit you like a ton of bricks over the next couple of weeks may bring a more violent side out of you. Instead of pretending to be a rapper or the next folk icon, become a wrestler and the face of WWE. You will super slam your way through finals week. 


Make sangria & drink alone in ur apartment while watching Beans from Even Stevens

If you're over 21-years-old, try out a Pinterest sangria recipe to accompany watching a classic '90s children's show. It's the perfect mix of adulthood and nostalgia. However, make sure to note that you'll eventually have to get out of bed and embrace finals week like the warrior that you are. 


Drop out of college and eat 10 pounds of french fries

Generally students attend college to avoid working at a fast food restaurant. Keep this in mind when considering this feast, but also remember to treat yo' self.  


Drop out of school to become a burrito

Who hasn't wished they were all kinds of yummy goodness wrapped into a tortilla? As much as this is a sporadic thought, maybe just visit your closest Chipotle or Taco Bell to get your fix instead of making a full life transformation. 


Pet every single dog

Who isn't a dog lover? If you're not, then don't leave your house on this day. Dogs around the world are waiting to be pet by your hands. Be the kind of person that they believe you are, and pet them hundreds of times. 


Listening to old drake songs and cry

Cry over your finals like Drake cries over his millions of girlfriends. It's also on Jan. 1, so maybe instead of crying about a girl you lost, party it up over the finals you hopefully will wreck. But, you could pass on this and make some new resolutions with some sick rhymes of your own. The choice is yours.  


Cry and eat ice cream because it’s ok to fail finals

It's really not cool to fail your finals, however, take a break and grab a pint of ice cream to devour. Remember that it is okay to cry, just know that you're a rock star and going to pass those exams!


The last two weeks of a semester are hectic. Trust me, I know. But keep up the positivity and show your professors what you're made of through final projects and exams.  At the end of it all, you'll be a better person. Maybe not though. I don't know your life.   

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