I'm voting Bishop and you should, too

The Bishop, Lauro, Johnson ticket has the experience, endorsements and dedication to make next year's University experience thrive to new heights.

After more than two weeks of campaigning, last Thursday's Tempe Undergraduate Student Government executive election results revealed no candidate won 51 percent of the vote, meaning that a runoff election was necessary.

The "election codes clearly states that to win, there needs to be a majority vote," Anthony Zlaket, Associated Students of ASU Tempe elections commissioner, said.

Although the Bishop ticket won a majority of votes between the three contenders, they didn't take home the title of Tempe USG exec. The Bishop ticket took more than 46 percent of the undergraduate vote, while the DeGravina ticket trailed behind with 38 percent and the Vlastos ticket took nearly 15 percent. The runoff election will be between the top two tickets — Bishop and DeGravina. 

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In last week's election I voted for Bishop, Lauro and Johnson and in the runoff election this Wednesday, I'm going to do the same. 

The Bishop ticket is the most prepared, professional and experienced ticket there is, and I believe they have what it takes to lead and properly represent the nation's largest university.

Let's start by comparing each ticket's platform. 

Both tickets have similar platform ideas — increasing the use of safety escort, adding new positions within Tempe USG and creating a more inclusive ASU environment. Both platforms provide solid suggestions however, the details of Bishop's platform are worth noting.

The Bishop ticket describes the steps they are going to take to oppose budget cuts to universities at the capitol, increase campus safety and sexual assault prevention on campus. Additionally, the ticket explains in detail what positions the ticket will add within the student government. 

The ticket's website not only explains their platform ideas thoroughly, but also provides examples of where their proposed initiatives have worked at other universities. For example, their website notes Bishop's proposed textbook tax rebate, in which students are exempt from taxes on school books, has been implemented at the University of Iowa. 

The DeGravina ticket offers great ideas, with no concrete steps to back them up. For example, to combat sexual assault on campus, the ticket explains it is going to reach out to local high schools and build a relationship with ASU to educate students before they head to college. But combating sexual assault will take more than igniting conversation, it's about action. The Bishop ticket plans to implement and reinforce sexual assault prevention education in freshman level courses at ASU — not only a doable solution, but an important one. 

Looking at such a large, complex issue burdening college campuses, an issue like combating sexual assault should be planned out. These specifics matter in a campaign of this magnitude. 

The depth of the Bishop ticket's platform is not the only reason I'm voting for them. 

Bishop, Lauro and Johnson's abundant and diverse leadership experience makes them the most well-qualified ticket. Bishop, who is running for Tempe USG President, has served as the Tempe USG Chief of Staff and Johnson, Tempe USG Vice President of Policy candidate, has dedicated her two year long Tempe USG career to making the campus safer and increasing voter engagement. Johnson is also my sorority sister and I've seen her dedicate her college career to USG.

Experience matters in USG. While all three members of the DeGravina ticket have USG experience, it is important to note the extensive experience on the side of the Bishop ticket — that is, two of the Bishop ticket members have been a part of USG for years.

Not only does experience matter in this election, but endorsements matter. 

Several USG directors have endorsed the Bishop ticket, and they know what kind of leaders are necessary for executive office. Not to mention the current Tempe USG executives have publicly endorsed the ticket, which is a big deal. Needless to say, a variety of organization presidents and student leaders have come out in support for Bishop. 

If the Bishop ticket's platform, experience and endorsements still haven't swayed you, I encourage you all to at least vote this Wednesday in the runoff election and have your voice heard. (But definitely vote Bishop).

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