Anxious College Girl: Defense mechanisms

SPM blogger Maya Foxall discusses her experience with mental defense mechanisms

Welcome to a new installment of the Anxious College Girl blog.

As promised, I will be delving into things other than anxiety and "mental illnesses" and starting to discuss side effects.

Now, let's talk about defense mechanisms. By definition, this is a mental process (e.g., repression or projection) initiated, typically unconsciously, to avoid conscious conflict or anxiety.

I have suffered from anxiety amongst other things that have caused me to unknowingly create defense mechanisms in my head.

When I was in high school, I was afraid of commitment in any form of the word.

The idea of being attached to a person or thing for a long period of time scared me. It genuinely caused me to grow anxious. Thus, I began to create ways in order to ensure that commitment was not on the table.

These defenses included rejection and sarcasm. Although these may seem minor, they were effective in keeping away committed feelings and relationships.

Defense mechanisms are normal. They can be developed into healthier habits and not so much ways to deflect. It is finding that balance that is key. Especially when dealing with something internal, it is important to realize that we must find a healthy balance in protection and affection.

Stay aware. Stay happy.


An Anxious College Girl

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