TUSG leadership discusses objectives

TUSG executives talked about their plans to impact campus and the student body

As students come back to ASU, the new Tempe Undergraduate Student Government executive is already pursuing the platform it outlined during the campaign, including a promotion of sexual health awareness and student government transparency. 

The administration is comprised of President Brittany Benedict, Vice President of Services Lester Nnagbo, Vice President of Policy Kelsey Wilson, Chief of Staff Ricardo Flores and Senate President Breonn Peoples. 

“We have accomplished some of our platform in sexual health, sexual well-being, and mental health and a couple other facets," Benedict said.

Benedict’s administration created the Director of Sexual Well-Being position within USG in order to increase sexual health awareness at ASU. 

But being a large public university, this year's administration said they've faced a unique set of challenges.

“ASU is so big and there are so many different ways of going about it," Nnagbo said. "It’s just finding the best way for our students and to make sure that we’re accomplishing what we set out for.”

Educating individuals about the services and purpose of USG is another objective the new executive team wishes to accomplish this next academic year. The administration is currently working to release a video within the upcoming weeks that’ll acquaint students with USG and its many facets. 

In the meanwhile, students and other ASU community members are encouraged to visit the TUSG website or attend a senate meeting to voice one’s opinion.

Peoples said that work is currently being done to improve the accessibility of those meetings. She said the Senate is pursuing better publicized and more comfortable meetings for students not in student government. 

Flores said social media is the most beneficial way to stay informed with TUSG’s activities on campus. 

“If you look at any forms of our social media, people can be connected with what’s happening on Tempe’s campus," Flores said. "Overall, that's probably the biggest way and best way we’re trying to communicate with students exactly what USG does.”

Ultimately, the new administration’s goal is to make ASU a better place for current and future Sun Devils.

“I would like to leave, when I graduate in May, and say we touched the lives of students on this campus," Benedict said. "(That) we made the ASU experience greater and had fun while doing it.”

When asked about their future plans, laughter filled the room.

“Talk to us next spring," they said.

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