A guide to Phoenix haunted houses by ASU students

Find the haunted house for you before Halloween is over

As Halloween fast approaches, there’s only so much time left to satisfy all your spooky desires until next year. Fortunately the Metro Phoenix area has an abundance of haunted houses to scare all the Halloween spirit right out of you.

With so many options it’s hard to decide which haunted house offers the best scare at the best price; recent ASU students attendees weighed in on which they thought was best.

It’s hard to discuss haunted houses in the Valley without someone bringing up the 13th Floor Haunted House.

13th Floor seeks to expand on the mythos of the missing 13th floor in most buildings, and it does so through a frightening display of gore.

Cole Miller, junior finance student, has been going to the 13th Floor for the past three years, and said he hasn’t gotten tired of it yet.

“It’s always exciting to see what new things they’ll add to make it scarier,” Miller said. “My friends and I always go in a group, and there’s yet to be a time where one of us isn’t scared, they put on a really good show.”

13th Floor is $29.99 for a full night of scares until Oct. 31, but will be open for one last hoorah on Nov. 4 for $26.99.

Mesa is home to many scare houses, but none so captivating as The Crypt Haunted Attractions, said interdisciplinary senior, Luciano Garza. A self-proclaimed Metro Phoenix haunted house veteran, there’s no better scare for the price, he said.

“There may be bigger haunted houses with more expansive mazes, but they generally cost upwards of $30 a person,” Garza said. “At the Crypt you can spend as little as $15 and still get a state of the art scare, or you can spend $25 and go through all three of their frightening attractions.”

You can head to The Crypt’s website to redeem a $3-off coupon on their ultimate fright pass.

Phoenix’s Fear Farm is the biggest haunt on this list at 27 acres of terror — and it's the best scare in the area, said industrial psychology senior Logan Gunkel.

Fear Farm features six different themed mazes for visitors to run through.

“(Fear Farm) offers a really diverse experience because every area is a different and unique kind of scare,” Gunkel said. “It’s also nice because in between each maze you get to rest as you wait in line so you can really take in every attraction."

Tickets for Fear Farm are $29.99 per person until Oct. 31, but will be open Nov. 3 and 4 for $26.99. It also offers a Haunted Hayride for an extra $10.

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