ASU professor Lawrence Krauss disputes sexual misconduct allegations

Krauss denied allegations of sexual misconduct in a nine-page statement Wednesday

ASU professor and prominent scientist, Lawrence Krauss, tweeted out a response to sexual misconduct allegations Wednesday. 

In a nine-page statement, Krauss gave his version of events and responded to a BuzzFeed article that described a pattern of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior. 

"The BuzzFeed article effectively paints a false picture of me and my relationships with others through a mosaic constructed largely out of anonymous hearsay and a web of often vague innuendo," Krauss said. 

Krauss acknowledged his sensitivity to other people's feelings could be improved and apologized for "language or demeanor" that made others uncomfortable. 

"I am particularly saddened to think that people I might have once inspired and helped may now feel betrayed or jaded, and that others who might one day be inspired by my contributions may no longer be open to such a possibility," he wrote. "But I am not going to let a libelous article stop me from trying to continue my work, and to maximize my positive impacts." 

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Krauss's response came one day after ASU placed him on paid leave, restricted him from campus and cancelled the Origins Project's 10-year anniversary event, which Krauss founded.

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BuzzFeed reported that Melanie Thomson, an Australian microbiologist, filed a complaint to ASU in 2016. Thomson claimed to witness Krauss grope a woman who asked for a selfie, according to the report. 

ASU dismissed the complaint and found it to be defamatory, according to Krauss's statement Wednesday. An ASU official told The State Press in February that the University was unable to contact or confirm the identity of the individual who Thomson said Krauss groped. 

Krauss said the University's recent actions were normal procedure.  

"I should note that Arizona State University has placed me on paid administrative leave, as per normal procedure, while it reviews claims arising from the BuzzFeed article," Krauss said. "I will inform the public of the results once that review is concluded."

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