ASU, State Press alumni remember print

coverAfter more than 120 years and hundreds of issues, The State Press is closing its pages for the last time.

The student newspaper began as the Normal Echo, a one-page supplement on the back page of the East Valley Tribune, on Oct. 18, 1890. It became a stand-alone weekly tabloid with a new name in 1906, and the Tempe Normal Student continued covering the Tempe Normal School through 1925.

When the state Legislature changed the school’s name to the Tempe State Teachers’ College, the newspaper became the Tempe Collegian, then just the Collegian in 1930.

By the 1940s, the school became Arizona State College and the newspaper became the Arizona State Press. The paper shed the Arizona along the way, while continuing to grow in distribution.

The State Press began publishing four issues a week in 1964, adding a Monday edition in 1984.

During the past 15 years, The State Press has shifted more to the web. A full-scale redesign of the newspaper in November 2011 changed the traditional broadsheet into its new photo-heavy tabloid design. A website redesign the following summer brought the same focus on images to

In January 2013, The State Press became a weekly paper with more emphasis on multimedia content and long-form storytelling. As the newspaper becomes fully digital beginning Aug. 1, this emphasis will remain.

However, The State Press has always been about more than page design or storytelling. We invited alumni to share their fondest memories of The State Press as the student newspaper moves into its new era.

Sara (Thorson) Agne, editor-in-chief 2003-04

Greg Archer, reporter, assistant entertainment editor, entertainment editor and managing editor 1985-88

Tom Blodgett, 1982-87

Stephanie Conner, 1999-2001

Vickie Chachere, 1984-89

Chris Drexel, 2001-07

Stephanie Conner, 1999-01

Cameron Eickmeyer, editor-in-chief 2004-05

Stacy Holmstedt, 1994-97

Jessica Kreimerman Lew, 1983-85

Adam Kress, reporter and city editor 1999-02

Ashlea (Deahl) Miller, opinion editor 2001

Leigh Munsil, editor-in-chief 2009-10

Len Munsil, editor-in-chief 1985-85

Cindy Pearlman, entertainment editor 1984-86

Marty Sauerzopf, editor 1988-89

Newlin Tillotson, SPM editor-in-chief 2013-14

Steve Waterstrat, editor 1985-86

Dan Zeiger, reporter, news editor, sports editor and assistant sports editor 1990-93

Did you miss the print deadline but still want to share your own memories of nights in the newsroom? Send an email to and we’ll add you to the list.