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How to: Healthful Eating at the MU

The Memorial Union is filled with plenty of appealing restaurants, but most of them serve greasy (but delicious) food that is anything but healthful. If you're trying to lose or maintain weight, the MU restaurants can be your worst enemy if you don’t pick the right options. How can you avoid all the evil, fatty foods? Here are some reasonably priced, healthful foods that can be found at the MU throughout the day.

Breakfast Einstein Bros. Bagels Good grains bagel, 280 calories, with whipped blueberry or strawberry creamed cheese, 120 calories, $2.49

Snack Starbucks Fruit and yogurt parfait, 300 calories, $3.45


Starbucks 100 percent albacore tuna on artisan wheat, 420 calories, $6.55

Snack P.O.D. Market Carrot dippers with ranch, 70 calories, $1.59

Dinner Quiznos Small turkey ranch and swiss, 410 calories, $4.39

Many students go to the MU in between classes, which means time is a factor. Think about it — when you’re in a rush, you usually don’t think about what kind of food you're eating. Nevertheless, this is the best time to make an unhealthy decision. Instead of letting your stomach and taste buds pressure you, use these helpful tips:

Stay Small, Spend Less A lot of fast food places love to tell customers to “go big” in the hope that they’ll spend more money on a bigger size. Don’t fall for this catch phrase. If you really want Extreme Pita or Jump Asian Express, get a six-inch, not a nine-inch, or get one entree and a side instead of two or three entrees with a side. If you can’t resist the temptation of Chick-Fil-A, then get the three-piece tenders with a side salad instead of fries.

Read the Dieting Signs Don’t overlook the signs that direct you to healthier choices. Taco Bell is a perfect example. Its “Drive Thru Diet” campaign informs customers of the soft tacos that are 150 calories and burritos that are 350 calories.

Cheat Smart Remember, the most crucial tip to keep in mind when trying to lose or maintain weight is your caloric intake. Calculate your basal metabolic rate (BMR), the amount of calories you should have in a day excluding activity, and stick to it.

BMR Calculation for Guys: (10 x w) + (6.25 x h) - (5 x a) + 5

BMR Calculations for Ladies: (10 x w) + (6.25 x h) - (5 x a) - 161

w: weight in kilograms  h: height in centimeters  a: age

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