The Faithful City Club cleans Hudson Park

The Faithful City, a multi-cultural and inter-faith club, performed its monthly cleanup of Tempe’s Hudson Park Saturday.

Pastor Sanghoon Yoo founded The Faithful City 17 years ago to reach out to students from the global community and offer ASU students community service opportunities.

“We pursue the lifestyle of Jesus Christ as servant leaders,” Yoo said. “We also pursue cultural diversity and sensitivity to cultural heritages of other people from the global community of ASU.”

The Hudson Park cleanup allows students to put community service and awareness into action by the motivation and diversity of its members.

Business junior Eunae Yoo, Sanghoon’s daughter, is actively involved in the park cleanup along with the club.

“(Servant leadership is) different in theory than it is in practice, so being able to see it in practice is totally different,” Eunae Yoo said. “I, as much as anyone else, want to save the world, but I think that Hudson Park provides a very realistic way to do this in little steps."

After cleaning the park, the members celebrate with food and games, creating a “global family atmosphere,” allowing members to “have more courage to cross their own natural boundaries,” Sanghoon Yoo said.

The Faithful City became interested in doing a park cleanup event after cleaning the Daley Park in Tempe.

They contacted the City of Tempe for information on continuing to do a park cleanup, and they were introduced to Hudson Park three years ago, Sanghoon Yoo said.

The group has continued to clean it on the first Saturday of every month.

The club's philosophy is largely concerned with creating servant ministry on a global level and promoting confidence for students to come together despite differences in religion, culture or area of study to serve the community, Sanghoon Yoo said.

“(The club) equips students to grow as servant leaders and to increase their career excellence (and) also increase their good personality,” Sanghoon Yoo said. “We have been doing a mentor’s club program.”

The club mentors students from the global community to aid them in achieving academic success and career development, Sanghoon Yoo said.

As one of the students that joined The Faithful City through its mentor program, electrical engineering graduate student Samir Gupta has participated in the Hudson Park cleanup and has built leadership skills through the club.

“The Hudson Park (cleanup) was an opportunity for me to remove my fear of talking to people and get over my shyness,” Gupta said. “It put a leadership quality into me when we split into teams and go and clean up the park.”

Mechanical engineering graduate student Aditya Choukulkar, the first officer of The Faithful City, has been a member of the club for five years.

"(Cleaning the park) opens you up to all the different people out there." Choukulkar said. "When you come back to ASU, you appreciate the diversity here.”

Participating in the Hudson Park cleanup makes life better and more interesting, Choukulkar said.

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