AMC Centerpoint a jewel on Mill

AMC Centerpoint on Mill Avenue offers reserved seating and reclining chairs after recent renovations. (Photo by Mario Mendez) AMC Centerpoint on Mill Avenue offers reserved seating and reclining chairs after recent renovations. (Photo by Mario Mendez)

Before it was AMC Centerpoint 11, it was the location of Madcap Theater, and before that, Harkins Theatre.

AMC Centerpoint 11 introduces a stadium-style seating with plush automated reclining seats. In addition, the reconditioned theater features state-of-art sound systems and digital projectors, as well as reserved seating.

Moreover, Centerpoint 11 guests can now enjoy a wide selection of traditional theater snacks as well as hot foods. Guests can also enjoy free drink refills with more than 120 drink choices on the Coca-Cola Freestyle machines.

Centerpoint 11 shows the latest movies that are also available in other movie theaters, like Harkins. However, the selling point is the spacious, plushy reclining seating with footrests. On top of that, the wide armrests have large cup holders and are adjustable. You can lift the armrest up to create a love seat or keep it down for a more personal viewing experience. This is perfect for couples to snuggle while enjoying a movie or for friends and family to share snacks.

In the case of the AMC Centerpoint, upscale doesn't mean expensive. In fact, the ticket prices are not very much different from other Valley movie theaters. Prices differ on the time of day and day of the week, typically costing a little more on weekends after noon and weekdays after 6 p.m. The highest ticket price on weekdays is $7.50. A matinee ticket, which is any time before 6 p.m., is only $5. On weekends, the highest ticket price is $11, and is $5 before noon. Nevertheless, for a good movie experience, the prices are reasonable and affordable for those on a college budget.

AMC Centerpoint 11 guests are allowed to park for free at the adjacent parking structure avoiding the hassle of finding a parking spot and feeding a meter on Mill Avenue. This is surely a pleasant bonus for moviegoers.

The audiences will absolutely be pleased with the theater. There's something special about this theater being on Mill, as well, according to executive vice president of development at AMC, Mark McDonald, in an email interview.

“Delivering an amazing guest experience is at the heart of everything we do at AMC, and these incredible amenities at AMC Centerpoint 11 will not only have moviegoers excited about coming back to the movies at Centerpoint on the Mill, but will keep them coming back again and again,” McDonald said.

The theater was acquired by AMC in 2013 and reopened on April 3, 2014 as a operating movie theater for the first time in more that six years, according to AMC Centerpoint 11’s news release.

All in all, the renovated movie theater on Mill is clean and comfortable. If you are planning to see a movie, AMC Centerpoint 11 is a theater worth considering.


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