Gems off the light rail: making and baking memories at Smith-o-lator

Uncover hidden gems all over the city with reporter Nicole Dusanek as she gets off at a different light rail stop each week to explore.

Smith-o-lator Cookie Shop blends in seamlessly with the aesthetic of downtown Mesa and draws passerby’s through its doors by the compelling cookies sitting in the window.

The first look walking inside had a warm feeling with bright and friendly decorations. The shop is like a Willy Wonka factory of cookies.

Exploring the room, I took a look at the cookie-cutters that came in shapes from the  Cat and The Hat to an assortment of animals. The tables were clean and white, reminding me of when I would have tea parties as a kid.

I went up to the front to order a cookie, and the lady selling was helpful and kind. She could tell I had never been in the shop before, and patiently explained all of my options. From a cookie a la mode with vanilla gelato or coconut lime sorbet, to a one-of-a-kind float. 

Curious, I checked out the different options of soda’s and was stunned. Of course they have the classic root beer or Coca-Cola, but they also have flavors such as  Kitty Piddle or Zombie Brain Juice.

The drinks didn't stop at the intriguing soda options, they also had an choice of flavored milk that comes from local  Danzeisen dairy farm. By flavored milk, I’m not just saying chocolate and strawberry, they also had flavors like mocha and Arizona orange.

I decided to go with a s’mores cookie with vanilla gelato and a root beer float. I was not brave enough to try a float with kitty piddle, but perhaps next time I’ll give it a shot.

They took the cookie and soda to the back and came back with the cookie warmed and tasty. The marshmallow on top was gooey and melted like I had just roasted it over a campfire. The cool vanilla gelato provided a nice contrast to the warm and soft cookie.

Next, I took a sip of the root beer float and it was delicious. Given both a spoon and a straw, once I had sufficiently devoured the ice cream I was left with a pleasant root beer vanilla drink.

The flavors of both the cookies and the drinks change often, giving different options every time. The flavors revolve around holidays that are coming up. When I visited, they were selling easter cookies for the up coming holiday. For example, they are currently selling soft cookies with “Easter parade” sprinkles as well as Easter egg cookies that you can color yourself.

The markers used to color were fruit based and last a while, so even after coloring one cookie the markers could be saved for future dessert-coloring endeavorers.

Along with the tasty treats they offer at Smith-o-lator, it offer materials and classes to decorate your own cookies.

Unlike any shop I've ever been to, and with the delicious taste of the cookies still in the back of my mind, Smith-o-lator definitely has one new customer. 

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