Customers weigh in as Jobot Coffee reopens at new Roosevelt location

After closing its original location on Fifth Street, Jobot has opened its doors again

The “Oliver’s Sophisticated Bean” sign still hangs above the window on the south side of the Roosevelt Point apartment complex in Downtown Phoenix, but that’s all that remains of the old coffee shop as a new, local-favorite Jobot Coffee and Diner has made its home there.

Despite what the signs say — including the ones that read “Not Jobot” on the door — the popular coffee shop is in fact back in business.

The Not Jobot signs found on the entrance and around the restaurant are meant facetiously as the coffee shop's official name is still Jobot.

It was just over a month ago that restaurant owner John Sagasta announced on Jobot’s facebook page that Jobot Coffee would be closing down due to difficulties with their landlord.

Sagasta declined to comment on this story and Jobot Coffee's reopening. 

But just a few weeks later, Jobot is up and running again.

Jobot’s grand reopening was held in early January during the monthly First Friday on Roosevelt Row

Even though it is only two blocks away from its original location, there is a vast difference between the new and old setup.

The old location was tucked away in a one-story house on Fifth Street. That house is now vacant with a locked fence, covered-up windows and a sign on the front door that reads “temporarily closed."

“It’s been kind of like a watering hole for me and a lot of the people that I spend time with,” said Lilia Rodriguez, an ASU alumna. “(Jobot) opened up my eyes to so much more in the arts community.”

The new location, which is on the corner of the southern Roosevelt Point building, is a much more modern take. The new location features tall ceilings, an open layout and plenty of visible concrete.

Customers weigh in as Jobot Coffee reopens at new Roosevelt location from The State Press on Vimeo. Video by Abdel Jimenez.

“It’s not Jobot, it’s literally not Jobot,” said one costumer as she pointed to a sticker on the door that says “Not Jobot.”

Some of Jobot’s customers are very happy with the new location.

“I’m all for the high ceilings and everything,” said Elliott Fox, who was a “super regular” at the old Jobot location. “The location to the whole Roosevelt Row area is cool.”

While Ajay Karpur, an ASU alumnus who frequented the old location, is happy Jobot didn't close for good, he said he will miss the old spot.

“I was pretty bummed, but once I found out they were here it was definitely exciting," Karpur said. “I’ve been going for years, ever since I started college. It definitely has a different vibe but I like it.”

While some have expressed their excitement for the new location, other regular customers, like journalism major Ellen O'Brien, said Jobot won't be the same in a new spot.

"I really love the old location, it was really part of downtown to me," O'Brien said. "I was really sad to hear they wouldn't be in that house anymore. It's never really going to be the same Jobot to me." 

With its new location at Roosevelt Point, one of the more popular housing options for students at ASU's Downtown Phoenix campus, Jobot is now more accessible.

Despite the location change, some of the old classic Jobot relics, like red and white metal umbrellas and the neon “coffee” sign resting in the corner, keep the old spot in memory.

“I like the old house, but I’m happy that it’s around.” Fox said. “The food and drink didn’t take a decline."

Editor's note: Journalism major Ellen O'Brien previously worked for The State Press as a staff photographer. She no longer works for the publication. 

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