Introvert's Advocate: The Joys of the Holiday Season

When the Halloween decorations come down, the jack-o-lanterns start to rot and trick-or-treaters’ candy stashes begin to dwindle, you know that the most wonderful time of the year is finally upon us. The holiday season has begun and I am more than ready to celebrate. Here’s why every introvert (and extrovert, for that matter) should be too.

1. Christmas Music

I know that not everyone is a huge fan of seasonal tunes, but I challenge you to give them another chance. I cut myself off completely from every rendition of “Last Christmas” until the day after Thanksgiving. Spotify also has a pretty great collection of Christmas music so you can make yourself the perfect holiday playlist.

2. Food

Whether you celebrate the holidays with big family parties like I do or just have a nice, sit-down dinner with your folks, you’re guaranteed at least one delicious meal. I’m drooling just thinking about the huge mound of mashed potatoes I’m going to pile on my plate this year

3. Holiday Spirit

Everyone is nicer around the holidays. It’s scientifically proven (probably.) It seems like everyone is more willing to lend a hand to the less fortunate or even just help out a soccer mom struggling with groceries. Plus, you might even score some free stuff from a kind stranger. Just remember to pay it forward!

4. Friends and Family

In college this essential aspect of the holidays seems even more important. Especially if you’re an out of state student, or have friends and family that chose to go to school miles away from you, it’s the time to break out the hot chocolate and catch up.

5. Gifts

Not only do you get to receive awesome gifts from your friends/family, but you get to give gifts as well. Not to brag, but I pride myself on my gift-giving skills. I like to find the perfect mix of funny and thoughtful. For example, I've given my friends a gift card to one of their favorite stores, but put it in an envelope from one of their least favorite stores. So get creative this year (or feel free to hit me up for some gifting advice.)