Finding (And Needing) Balance

Finding your balance goes far beyond a yoga class or eating veggies after that 2am Taco Bell run. Arguably, balance in your social life is the most imperative aspect of a person’s health. Especially in a new relationship, it’s easy to fall into the trap of dedicating every waking moment of your life to your significant other.

Everyone needs time alone with friends, and with family. My best friend from high school began dating a guy and I wouldn’t hear from her for days. She’d stay out with him until 4am and ditch our homework dates to watch movies with him. 

Not only did her GPA drop, but so did our friendship. It felt like I’d been replaced, and she suddenly didn’t have the time to even answer my texts. She was like a ghost that entire summer: missing at the camping trips, pool parties, nights out and rainy day movie nights. 

After the break-up she really regretted it.

Relationships may not last forever, but there’s a way better chance that your friends will. As tempting as clinging to your significant other is, these are the reasons you should force yourself to stay balanced.

1. You’ll lose your friends 

If you don't put time or effort toward a friendship, why would that friend stick around if you’re consumed with someone else? Remember that your friends will be there when your relationship isn’t, and they’ve probably been around much longer already.

2. Your grades and hobbies will suffer 

I love scrapbooking, but that’s definitely not my boyfriend’s hobby of choice. If I spent all my free time with him, I would basically be surrendering what I love to do just to sit around with him. All the time spent ranting on the phone could be used to study (which is worth it in the long run.)

3. There is such thing as too dependent 

If your boyfriend always drives places, pays for you and makes you watch football with him, it’s unhealthy to feel lost if you get behind the wheel yourself, open your wallet or have a free Sunday afternoon. Don’t lose your independence.

4. It’ll get old quick

My boyfriend and I never run out of things to do or talk about, but that’s because we’re not attached at the hip and we do a lot of things throughout the day without each other. Being together 24/7 is begging for more fights and annoyances.

5. You’ll have the rest of your life to be married and stay in 

Don’t waste your time now. Sometimes the married life is appealing, but remember that you’ll never be young and in college ever again. Embrace it.

I believe in sacrificing things for the person you love. I’ve ditched parties and missed homework assignments to spend time with my boyfriend, but it’s incredibly important to be able to function without each other. Balance all the important people in your life, don’t focus on just one.