The Truth About Holiday Presents

I love the holidays. I love drowning my Thanksgiving turkey in gravy, forcing my cat to wear his holiday sweater, and of course, the gifts (It’s not the most important part, but it certainly does not suck.)

Presents can consume a person -- making lists and printing pictures of the exact style of shoes you want and rummaging through the couch for quarters to pay for expedited shipping -- people love to give, and people LOVE to get.

What makes a solid present? First off, I think a lot of people feel the need to give a gift, but don’t realize it should be thoughtful or even useful. The most important aspect of a gift is that it is meaningful. Listen to your brother, mother, boyfriend or friend to determine what they’re saving for themselves or what they’re interests are.

The best gift I’ve received was from my boyfriend. I had an old pair of gray sweatpants that I wore way too much, but only because they were the most comfortable article of clothing I’ve ever had. 

When I went away to school, I lost them in the move and mentioned here and there that I missed wearing them when I bummed out at home. On my birthday, I opened a package that had a new pair of gray sweatpants- and they were even MORE comfortable than my last pair.

Yes- it was only a pair of sweatpants, but it was overwhelming that he listened carefully to me, and knew exactly what I wanted… before I even realized I wanted it. No matter how small, thoughtful gifts will pull on some heartstrings.

It’s important to realize that your gift does not define your relationship. There is no expectation to surpass previous gifts. I’ve been dating my boyfriend for almost three years and a pair of sweatpants had me thrilled. 

Keep in mind that even if you plan a romantic trip to Amsterdam after 5 months of fighting and jealousy, that doesn’t mean your problems are solved because you’ve delivered a big gift, and are going on a big vacation.

I’ve found that the best presents are things you can do together: concerts, football games, or even a basket of movies, popcorn and soda for a movie night creates something to look forward to. Exciting adventures are a plus too. Although it won’t last forever, the memories and thought behind it certainly will.