Bittersweet Closer

Closing shift at a restaurant has many pros and cons. Getting the closing shift is the one I prefer over the others. Working the closing shift is great because you never get your hopes up as to what time you’ll be cut.

You know you’re going to be there all night, and you’re mentally prepared to be at work until an ungodly hour. Because you are prepared to be at work so late, you usually get other stuff done sooner. You don’t want to count on the fact that you’ll have to do it after your closing shift, and so you actually don’t procrastinate. And, of course, the best thing about working a closing shift it that you almost always make more money. Who doesn’t like more money?

Now, there is a fair share of downsides to closing. One of which is that you’ll be up incredibly late. If you’re anything like me and have a lot of things to do throughout the day like school and work, you’re looking at a 14-hour day at the very least. Regardless of how you spin it, that’s exhausting. 

Then there are the closing tasks. Because the restaurant needs to be perfect when you close, you’re always doing a little extra work. One can only hope that it’s only “a little." You need to be on top of everyone’s side work or else you end of doing all of your closing work and then some. Some people are reliable, and others aren’t. So no matter what you do, you need to check or else 14 hours turns into 18.

Despite all the tedious work, I would prefer closing over really any other shift. If you are a closer, just make sure you stock up on the red bull and remind yourself of the money you’ll be making at the end of the day.