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ASU Hip Hop Coalition promotes diversity through dance

ASU's Hip Hop Coalition is a student run organization that promotes the positive aspects of the Hip-Hop culture and dance. The club is open to all students regardless of age, culture, gender, sexuality and religion and strives to advocate unity through dance and Hip-Hop expression.


X-Men Destiny fails to impress

X-Men Destiny takes a different spin on the comic book genre with a promising idea of heavily incorporating a deep layer of meaningful player choice, but the game is plagued with too many problems from the start for the execution to be very successful.


ASU Robotics to the rescue

NASA Space Grant Robotics are robust at ASU. Creating innovative robots is a team effort that can positively benefit society. (videography by Jessica Heigh)


People of Occupy Phoenix

More than 2,000 demonstrators flocked to Cesar Chavez Plaza in downtown Phoenix over the weekend to join in on the Occupy Wall Street protests that are sweeping the nation. The State Press spoke with dozens of protestors in attendance to help illustrate the movement and its aspirations.


Running of the Bulls comes to Arizona

Cave Creek, Arizona got a little taste of Spain this weekend when it held its own rendition of the classic "Running of the Bulls" event. (Videography by Daryl Bjoraas)


Sun Devil Sound Off: Guns on campus

ASU students share their opinions on the idea of having firearms allowed on campus. (reporting and videography by Samantha Bush & Aaron Lavinsky)


Amphibians declining around world; ASU students finding out why

Students at The Collins Lab are researching a variety of amphibians with the hope of better understanding the reasons for their global decline. The special focus of the research is host-pathogen biology and its relationship to the global decline of amphibians.



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