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TV programming offers both entertainment, education

(04/04/13 12:30am)

The excitement surrounding this past weekend’s major TV premieres and finales was palpable. The Internet was abuzz with speculation. Almost every social media outlet was clogged with cries of “Game of Thrones!” and you could barely get through a conversation without being asked if you were going to watch the season three finale of "The Walking Dead."

Body modification in the professional world

(04/20/12 12:49am)

I want to thank my nose piercing for the confidence boost. As a young lady, I feel expected to have a physical trait I am unhappy with. For me, I have never liked my nose. After years of contemplating a piercing, I walked into a tattoo parlor, nervous but excited. I left exhilarated. With a new hole in my nose, I felt like a new person — one who not only had a septum piercing, but one who became a member of an exclusive club that expects to be judged on appearance.

Off the grid: Giving up Facebook and going back

(04/13/12 1:11am)

More often than not, I used to find myself drawn to the cerulean-and-white page with tiny icons of my friends’ faces lining the sides beckoning me to chat with them. I would open my Internet browser and just search for the letter “F.” I had spent so much time on the website that it was the first search result to pop up. After writing one sentence of an essay, I’d reward myself with 10 minutes of fun, which usually turned into hours. I felt like my brain was rotting away, decaying into likes and friend requests.

'The Hunger Games' tweets a new low

(03/29/12 11:26pm)

Without having read “The Hunger Games,” I decided to attend the midnight showing of the film last Thursday. Admittedly, I felt a little out of place in a sea of middle schoolers and diehard fans who were rabidly excited for a movie of which they already knew the end. This isn’t a movie review, so I won’t bore you with trifles. Overall, though, I thought the movie was fun to watch and well cast. For me, “The Hunger Games” was seven dollars well spent.

Education beyond confines of paper and a pencil

(03/15/12 10:42pm)

For all you Sun Devils who either don’t know what Reddit is or don’t need any more websites to enable your procrastination, it’s a message board forum that allows users to subscribe to “subreddits” that cater to their interests. Much like Twitter, you can customize Reddit to deliver content that piques your interests or maybe even teaches you something.

Tech tips to make life a tad easier

(02/17/12 12:21am)

Salutations, Sun Devils! I’m back this week to add a bit of structure to your lives. As students, we are constantly busy with a slew of seemingly endless tasks. Between classes, homework, jobs, extra-curricular involvement and sleep, we barely have time to spend with friends, let alone eat a square meal that didn’t come out of a microwave. To simplify your life, I’ve compiled some tech tips to help you find your flow.

Pinterest: A virtual vision board with a viral twist

(02/10/12 12:35am)

Hey Sun Devils, I’m back with another installment of your favorite all-things-internet column — favorite being a relative term. This week is crunch time for many of us, so you may have had to neglect your Facebook (don’t kid yourself, Ashley) or catch up on your favorite blogs another time. One website we lady Sun Devils can’t seem to get enough of, though, is Pinterest.

Things you might have done while Wikipedia was down

(01/20/12 1:39am)

This has been a crazy week for the World Wide Web, and those of us who depend so heavily upon it definitely took notice. Wikipedia led the charge in the fight for a free Internet by going offline, and the rest of the tech community followed suit. Google blacked out their logo, and popular message board Reddit shut down for a day. What does that mean for you and me?