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Matthew Whitaker

(07/16/15 7:24am)

Following the investigation, Whitaker admitted to plagiarizing in an apology letter saying, “I have no excuse for the errors in my book. This history which is near and dear to me and which I have studied since childhood. I was hasty and careless in failing to properly cite and credit all the numerous sources, and my paraphrasing of the work of others was at times inadequate.” 

Kanye West recruits Miley Cyrus for 'Black Skinhead' remix

(09/08/13 7:13pm)

Recently, Pitchfork announced that Kanye West has decided to feature Miley Cyrus in his “Black Skinhead” remix. Now, nobody knows what exactly Miley Cyrus will do in the respective feature. Back in August, she was featured in GOOD Music (West’s record label) and rapper Big Sean’s video, “Fire,” and simply moved her body in exotic ways and stared lustfully into the camera.

A New Perspective

(04/19/12 4:00am)

Some things you have to see for yourself. Such was the case for three students from Leiden University in Holland, who came to Arizona over spring break to do research on the ramifications of the notorious anti-immigration bill Senate Bill 1070, signed into law two years ago and soon to be up for review by the United States Supreme Court.

Guerilla Poetry

(04/03/12 5:05am)

I was on the phone with a local poet and had goose bumps as he described to me the old guerrilla poetry events he hosted in days past. In obedience to my awe and sense of excitement, I decided I would have to do something in that vein – and soon. First Friday seemed like a good coming-out party.

Canadian Ambition

(03/12/12 4:00am)

Without blinking or quickening his pace, he claims to have ridden a bicycle without training wheels when he was 3 years old. Freshman pre-health major Joseph Lupien is planning on cycling for a Canadian national competition this upcoming summer, and again, he didn’t blink while explaining that – apparently blinking isn’t part of his routine.

Geared Up

(02/24/12 5:00am)

A Marilyn-Monroe, lipstick-red couch is the first thing that catches your eye upon entering the friendly bike shop that’s quietly tucked in off Central Avenue and Van Buren Street. The fact that it’s red is not the jarring dynamic; it’s the fact that an inviting modern couch is the first thing that greets you as you walk into an urban bike shop.