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Redesigning politics

(03/08/12 3:22am)

On Feb. 21, bow-tie wearing architect William McDonough spoke at Neeb Hall as part of the School of Sustainability’s Wrigley lecture series. His presentation, “Cradle to Cradle Design, Education and A Future of Abundance,” was nothing short of inspiring. McDonough, who is renowned in the worlds of design, sustainability and entrepreneurship, spoke with insight and passion despite being hushed by a cough.

Occupy Phoenix galvanizes citizens to take back government

(10/16/11 9:51pm)

Despite the Occupy movement being criticized for being a band of disruptive rabble rousers who do not have a clear set of goals, protestors outside Phoenix City Hall on Saturday were focused on making one message clear to the government, as well as anyone who would hear: Corporations’ excessive involvement in government is not benefitting anyone ?  except for a wealthy few.

Changemaker Central makes innovation and leadership approachable

(08/31/11 10:41pm)

President Crow sure tosses around some big ideas. The Slate magazine “Top Right” award winner frequently mentions the global scale, interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation. Crow’s ambitious designs for the University are not necessarily grandiose, though. These ideas are a model for each Sun Devil’s ideal and complete university experience.