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Letter to the Editor: Before increasing the health fee, consider decreasing the athletics fee

(02/13/18 9:57pm)

The student government at ASU has the power to influence decisions made in regard to fee increases and how those fees are utilized throughout the University. However, are student government members given the same say when it comes to decreasing fees?

Congress should expand coverage for all students, not repeal it

(07/18/17 10:48pm)

Imagine you feel a serious sharp pain near your stomach. You’re alone at your apartment, roommates won’t be home for some time. You text a friend for advice. Their reply: “You might want to go to the hospital.” This is not an option for you. You don’t have insurance, and the bill could push you even farther into debt than the $15,000 you’ve taken out to get you through senior year.

Student government is overcomplicated, requires restructuring

(06/08/17 1:53am)

For students who normally don’t associate with the politics of Undergraduate Student Government, understanding the complications and intricacies can be overwhelming. In fact, looking at recent elections, we have seen awful turnout numbers. Despite strong campaigns, and higher than usual turnout numbers, the overall percentage of students voting is terribly low.