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Of Montreal's live performance makes your nerves tingle like a St. Vitus dance

(11/07/15 11:26pm)

Of Montreal (stylized with a lower-case "of") is often confused as being a Canadian band because of their name. Contrary to that assumption, of Montreal has almost no connection to Montreal besides one of leading man Kevin Barnes' former squeezes being from that province. As a quick Google search would point out, they are from Athens, Georgia. They are a part of the Elephant 6 collective which includes notable band Neutral Milk Hotel.

Arabic Film & Poetry Series brings Islam, discussion to Tempe campus

(11/03/15 2:49am)

When arriving at ASU for the first time, it's hard to believe how much opportunity is really before you. We tend to get caught up in our own individual work and study circles. As we begin to make and develop friendships we start to forget how vast the world is. This University offers so much that there is something for everybody no matter what their interests might be; sometimes it's making art out of bookbinding, sometimes it's hosting DIY house shows, sometimes it's sports and sometimes it's something completely different. 

Lyceum Theatre's 'A Streetcar Named Desire' delivers creative design to classic play

(10/17/15 9:36pm)

Re-imagining classics of American literature like Tennessee Williams'"A Streetcar Named Desire" is not an easy task.  Years, even decades of performance establish precedents and norms for how the plays should be adapted to the stage. To keep a performance fresh is a feat that takes months of preparation from minds who are given free reign to incorporate their own streaks of originality.