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Undergraduate Student Government elections: Not just a popularity contest

(03/18/16 1:58am)

It’s easy to assume that elections are popularity contests, but let’s take a moment to place more faith in the ASU undergraduate student body. Popular claims could be that those with the biggest social circle win by default; friends support friends regardless of their ability to successfully govern and social media sways much of the vote simply with aesthetics and catchy phrases. But, these are generalizations that follow any election.

The Taylor Swift syndrome

(02/26/16 2:53am)

First, let’s start off by defining feminism. No, it is not the feminism full of man-hating, woman-loving females who think women should rule the world. Feminism is simply the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social and economic equality to men with an acknowledgment that those rights haven’t been equal in the past.

Why the radical protestors are not the problem

(02/10/16 2:31am)

ASU students are no strangers to radical protesters on campus. We have all seen the mobs and swarms of students gathered around protesters who call gay people sinners and women whores. Yes, these accusations are offensive and immoral, but the accusations are not all that is wrong with what’s happening at our campus and other campuses around the nation.

Politics schmolitics: The 3 most important reasons to understand politics as students

(01/11/16 1:12am)

In 1776, our founding fathers declared independence from the monarchy of King George III of Great Britain (kudos to those who knew King George III was king at the time because I, for one, had to Google it). On July 2  or July 4, 1776, depending on which date you believe is the true Independence Day (not the movie with Will Smith), the 13 colonies entered into a democracy. A democracy, simply put, is a society ruled by all and not just one person or group. Any high school level government or history course has hopefully taught this information. It is of the utmost importance that we pay attention and take advantage of our privilege of living in a democracy and not overlook the topic simply because “politics are boring.”