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ADD and ADHD: the invisible disabilities

(04/04/17 5:38am)

Your heart begins to race, your hands are clammy and shaky, your head is spinning and your breathing is slow and inconsistent. You look over and see all the stacks of books and mounds of homework you need to complete, but you can’t bring yourself to do it. Instead, you go for a run, play some video games, you even clean your room. You do anything to avoid buckling down and starting your assignments.

Hooking up, getting hitched and everything in between

(10/17/16 1:14am)

Which do you think is more difficult: your college statistics class or your college relationship? Is this a trick question you ask? Nope. In fact, it’s a question many students have to ask themselves every day. However, relationships don’t have to be difficult in college, and many couples actually do make studying for exams and their relationship work — all the way to the altar.

Making a house a home can mean different things for men and women

(09/20/16 3:33am)

Moving into a new place comes coupled with stress. You need food, furniture and, you know, money. Making a space feel like home can be a daunting task that makes move-in day kind of a nightmare. (I mean, who doesn’t love carrying furniture and boxes upon boxes up flights of stairs in 115-degree weather?) A new apartment also means multiple trips to the the holy grail of home and dorm furnishings: Target.