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Editorial: The college admissions scandal brings up the issue of accessibility to higher education

(03/21/19 4:41am)

The pay-to-play college admissions scandal that federal investigators disclosed last week underscored what many of us in university communities across the country already understood: Many in the American elite obsess over the status that a person’s alma mater confers to them rather than the education they received. 

Editorial: We would publish "Sensual Steel" again

(04/07/17 4:04am)

The magazine cover was black and white. In the center, scrawled in cursive script, was the cover story’s title: “Sensual Steel.” Behind the script was the side profile of a female breast, a nipple pierced with a barbell. The photo was paired with an article on extreme body modifications. The response to the photo was similarly extreme.

Editorial: The State Press stands against legislation that would disenfranchise student voters

(01/24/17 4:24am)

ASU takes pride in being a university “measured not by whom we exclude, but rather by whom we include and how they succeed.” Inclusivity and accessibility are values which are deeply important not only to our University, but also to our democracy. The strength of a democracy is dependent upon a citizen’s right to participate actively within that democracy itself, a right which is threatened by Arizona House Bill 2260, introduced in the Arizona State Legislature by Rep. Bob Thorpe.