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Sparky's Quill: Tempe History Museum Revealed

(10/10/13 5:00am)

The Tempe History Museum sits on the corner of Rural Road and Southern Avenue in Tempe, Ariz. The complex also features the Tempe library and community center.The space around the museum is full of shade and places to sit.The museum itself welcomes those coming in from the desert sun to take a peek at some of Tempe’s stories and, of course, it’s cool air conditioning.

Sparky's Quill: Constitutionally Awesome

(09/19/13 5:45pm)

Hey guys, so did you know that Tuesday was Constitution Day? That’s right, a day celebrating the documents that created our government! Wow, okay guys don’t sound too excited, but did you know that there is more than just a day that celebrates our Constitution? Did you know there is an entire nonprofit, nonpartisan institution and museum? Jumping jellyfish, where is it located?

Sparky's Quill: History and Harry Potter

(08/29/13 5:00am)

Many Harry Potter fans know that J.K. Rowling drew on many historical events and people for her books, especially when it came to the names of the characters. However, many of the aspects of the Wizarding War that drives the plot of the novels has a lot in common with other historical wars as well. Much of it comes from World War II (WWII), an event that rocked much of the UK.

Sparky's Quill: Goodbye For Now

(04/28/13 1:23pm)

Hey, everyone, it’s Holly.  So, finals are upon us already and another semester has gone by ridiculously quickly. As we get ready to say goodbye to friends and hello to our parents and summer jobs, we here at Sparky’s Quill want to leave you with a sentimental goodbye and our favorite historical Internet memes. I just want to say thank you to everyone who read our blog this semester and how grateful I am for being able to have this opportunity. I’ll be interning at the Museum of Tolerance back home in Los Angeles this summer and testing the waters before I jump into the field of Public History. I’ll be reading “Killing Lincoln” and “Game of Thrones” and immersing myself even further in the world of history (and fantasy).

Sparky’s Quill: Theodore Roosevelt at ASU

(04/17/13 7:21pm)

March 20, 1911: In front of the beautiful Old Main at Tempe Normal School, Theodore Roosevelt recited his speech. He stood on the same steps that you can walk on today. There was a fair amount of people gathered around in the pleasant March air. Arizona was still a territory at the time as Roosevelt spoke about the future of education and Arizona as a community.

Sparky's Quill: Members Only

(03/27/13 4:00am)

To the east of beautiful Old Main sits an attractive building almost as old as Old Main itself. Built in 1908, the current University Club building is open only to exclusive members and their guests. If you want to waltz your way into a delicious meal or some afternoon tea, you must be current or retired faculty, staff, alumni, a member of the community, or a corporate member. Sorry students, you cannot get in without an invitation. You must wait until after you graduated before you can apply to become a member.